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The Law Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, PC is a premier criminal defense law firm known throughout Arizona and nationwide for successful litigation in complex, high-profile cases. Our attorneys have over 90 years of experience and uphold the highest standards of practice in defending the accused.

What sets H&H apart is that, unlike other criminal defense firms, which handle hundreds of cases, we only take on a small number of cases at a time to ensure we dedicate our full focus to obtaining the best possible outcome for our clients. We use a team-based approach in case preparation, investigation, motion practice, and trial presentation.

Our success is a result of our ability to give each case a meticulous amount of attention, and giving our clients the care and time which other firms do not. We fight hard and have earned a reputation in courthouses and prosecutor’s offices around the country as zealous advocates for our clients.

At the Law Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, PC, we are industry leaders in both state and federal courts, recognized by our peers for our commitment to defending the constitutional rights of the accused.

If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney or a criminal justice attorney that you can trust to defend you to the maximum extent possible, call our office today to set up a free consultation. We are located in downtown Tucson.

Click HERE to take a look at some of our past cases where we have successfully fought for our clients in major felony cases, both state and federal.

At the Law Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, PC, our attorneys uphold the highest standards in our defense of clients in state and federal courts. We are leaders in our field and our community and work to improve the criminal justice system each and every day. We are recognized by our peers for our commitment to defending the constitutional rights of the accused.

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Regarding COVID-19:

We are still operating full-time to protect our clients and ensure their rights are protected during the current health crisis.  New clients are welcome to contact our office by phone at (520) 882-8823 or submit a message through this website.  We will respond right away.

Our business hours remain the same, however, we are doing our best to limit any unnecessary in-person meetings.  Thus, to theextent practicable, client meetings will be held telephonically or via video-conference until further notice.  Our attorneys are, of course, always available to meet in-person (following social distancing guidelines) for sensitive matters.