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Criminal Lawyers for State and Federal Cases

With a combined 90+ years of criminal defense experience, we have successfully defended clients in numerous homicide prosecutions, both in Arizona and Federal courts. We work tirelessly to get the best possible outcome in your case, which includes working with private investigators, forensic pathologists, expert witnesses, criminalists, medical professionals, and other specialists. If you’re under investigation or have been arrested for a crime, you need legal representation immediately. Contact our office to schedule an free initial consultation.

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Regarding COVID-19:

We are still operating full-time to protect our clients and ensure their rights are protected during the current health crisis.  New clients are welcome to contact our office by phone at (520) 882-8823 or submit a message through this website.  We will respond right away.

Our business hours remain the same, however, we are doing our best to limit any unnecessary in-person meetings.  Thus, to theextent practicable, client meetings will be held telephonically or via video-conference until further notice.  Our attorneys are, of course, always available to meet in-person (following social distancing guidelines) for sensitive matters.