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Drug Trafficking Lawyer in Tucson

Drug trafficking prosecutions in Arizona are extremely common. Due to our proximity to the border, we frequently hear of large seizures of illegal drugs, especially at the ports of entry. Arizona courts are some of the busiest in the county due to the number of drug cases prosecuted here. For that reason, Arizona prosecutors are especially adept at prosecuting these type of offenses.

Cases involving drug trafficking (transportation for sale, possession for sale, drug smuggling, marijuana cultivation) allegations frequently begin with some form of traffic stop. Police investigators target motorists whom they suspect are involved in illegal activity and often look for a reason to stop the vehicle and search inside it. Police officers often employ drug-sniffing dogs during these traffic stops and try to find a pre-textual excuse to pull you over and conduct a search for illegal drugs.

At the Law Office of Hernandez and Hamilton, we have a combined 90+ years of experience in representing clients in drug trafficking cases. Our drug crime lawyers in Tucson have successfully defended countless drug trafficking cases, both in Arizona and Federal courts. We know how drug trafficking cases work and we can determine if your constitutional rights were violated or if a search was illegal. Evidence discovered during an illegal search (even drugs) cannot be used to convict you and often results in the case being dismissed completely.