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White Collar Crimes Lawyer in Tucson

Many of the criminal offenses that fall under the umbrella of white collar crime can involve serious felony charges at the state or federal level. Whether you are facing a state or federal charge, it is important that you seek the counsel of a qualified Tucson criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the offense that you are charged with, so they can adequately protect your rights.

The Law Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, P.C., has diligently represented clients all over the State of Arizona and has federally represented clients on the West Coast, South West, Midwest and East Coast. Our attorneys are qualified to handle cases on the state and federal level so that you can focus on what is most important, getting you and your family past this difficult time. Call the Law Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, P.C. for a free criminal consultation.

What is White Collar Crime?

According to Cornell Law, “white-collar crime generally encompasses a variety of nonviolent crimes usually committed in commercial situations for financial gain.” While some of these crimes are misdemeanors, many are felonies under Arizona and federal law, which could result in high fines and lengthy prison sentences.

Common Tucson White Collar Crime

Common Tucson white collar offenses include:

  • Credit card fraud – It is unlawful to obtain a credit card through fraudulent means or use a credit card with the intent to defraud another.
  • Insurance fraud – It is unlawful to file a false claim insurance claim to recover compensation.
  • Forgery – It is unlawful to falsely make, complete or alter a written instrument, knowingly possess forged document
  • Identity theft – It is unlawful to knowingly take, purchase, create, record, possess, or use personally identifying information or entity information without consent and with the intent to use the information for unlawful purposes or case the person or entity to suffer a loss.
  • Embezzlement – It is unlawful for an individual who has been given control of assets to misappropriate funds
  • Deceptive business practices – It is unlawful to intentionally or recklessly mislabel goods or services.

The Types of Cases That We Handle

Although white collar crimes refer to a group of crimes, common elements among these crimes are fraud and an unlawful financial gain. Under Arizona law most fraud, white collar crimes are classified as felonies. The following are some of the criminal cases that we handle:

If you have been charged with a crime that is not listed, you are encouraged to contact Hernandez and Hamilton and speak with one of our criminal attorneys regarding your specific situation.

Speak with a Criminal Attorney Now

At the Law Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, P.C.,  our white-collar criminal defense attorneys begin to formulate your defense on the date of your initial consultation. If you have been charged with a white-collar crime or anticipate that you are currently being investigated by law enforcement, you are encouraged to speak with a criminal attorney immediately and begin to create a defense. The Law Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, P.C., often provides counsel to clients during criminal investigations to protect the client’s rights and hinder the prosecution’s ability to build its case and possibly prevent or minimize criminal charges.

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If you have been charged with a white collar crime your rights, reputation and livelihood are at risk. A criminal conviction could lead to hefty fines and long prison sentences. Do not trust your freedom to an attorney who has not handled charges such as yours. If you have been charged with a crime it is important that you take it seriously and contact an attorney, so that you are counseled on the severity of your situation and the best avenues of defense.

At the Law Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, PC, our white collar criminal defense attorneys have handled many serious and complex white-collar cases. We provide clients with relentless comprehensive state and federal white-collar criminal defense to favorably resolve cases. Contact the Law Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, P.C., and schedule a free consultation with our experienced Tucson white collar crime attorneys.