Penalties for a third DUI in Arizona

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The penalties for a third DUI conviction in Arizona come with a harsh set of legal consequences. 

Like the penalties increase from a first DUI conviction to a second, so does the case going from your second DUI conviction to your third. Understanding penalties and how they grow can give you an advantage when facing your third DUI, especially when you hire a good DUI lawyer.

The right DUI defense lawyer to protect you from a third DUI conviction and DUI offenses is just a phone call away. Our legal team at the Law Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, PC, is full of seasoned veterans who’ve defended against nearly all types of DUI charges. Since Arizona has so many tiers of DUI charges, convictions, and penalties, legal guidance really helps make things easy. 

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We offer legal guidance on third DUI charges that the people of Arizona trust and approve of. Come to us with your third DUI case, and we’ll use Arizona law to protect you from a mandatory prison sentence or suspended license. 

The Details of a Third DUI Conviction in Arizona

In Arizona, individuals operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .08% or exhibiting impairment due to alcohol or drugs will face DUI charges. With each conviction, the penalties become more and more severe.

A third DUI results from being charged and convicted of a DUI less than seven years after the DUI conviction. Being charged with a DUI after seven years won’t result in an escalation of penalties, as is the case with second and third DUI convictions. 

Such a DUI conviction would be a class 4 felony and carry minimums of:

  • Four months in an Arizona prison
  • Traffic survival school 
  • Alcohol and drug screening, education, or treatment
  • Fines beginning at $4,000
  • Three years driver’s license suspension
  • An ignition interlock device (IID) on your car for 2 years
  • Alcohol and drug screening, education, or treatment

Explanation of the Potential Long-term Consequences of a Third DUI Conviction

The long-term consequences of a third DUI conviction are, in their way, as harsh as any others, if not more so. To begin with, having a criminal record with felonies isn’t good, as it often closes many doors. Job opportunities are less available for convicts in general. The financial burdens of third DUIs are also known to be hefty and can take a while to recover from.

Third, DUI convictions also leave a long-term negative mark on your social and personal life. The stigma of DUIs is known to be a source of great shame and is often a justification for mistreating those with prior convictions. Many families have fallen apart in the wake of a DUI conviction, and mental health is known to suffer at an accelerated rate under these conditions.

Lastly, housing options and civil rights tend to suffer for those looking to reintegrate into society. Many convicted felons, especially those with little to no family support, will be turned down as renters or leasers. The situation is compounded as the right to vote and bear arms are both in jeopardy and often revoked as a result of felony DUI convictions. 

Steps Individuals Can Take to Avoid a Third DUI Offense and the Importance of Seeking Help for Alcohol-related Issues

If you’re facing DUI charges for the third time, it’s crucial to take assertive actions to avoid future DUIs, such as seeking professional help, enrolling in a rehabilitation program, or participating in a support group. 

It’s also imperative to decisively reassess your relationship with alcohol and explore long-term strategies for maintaining sobriety. Taking proactive steps now can significantly impact your future and well-being.

Avoiding a third DUI charge can be done by:

  • Accepting and admitting that you have a problem. 
  • Seeking professional help for overcoming addictions through rehabs, counseling, and therapy. 
  • Joining a group like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) for peer support and accountability.
  • Setting goals to live healthier
  • Staying engaged in social circles and activity spaces that promote physical and mental well-being through exercise, hobbies, and volunteer work.
  • Practicing stress management techniques to identify and dismantle triggers and avoid using drugs or alcohol.
  • Using designated drivers and other forms of alternative transportation.
  • Staying out of high-risk situations like hanging out in bars.
  • Consulting a DUI lawyer.

It’s essential to avoid being a felon who’s committed four or more DUIs, as this will cause you to go to prison for at least 8 months, face fines of 4K and up, and will likely have your driver’s license revoked. Additionally, many DUIs significantly increase the probability that an alcohol problem is persisting. 

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Here are some steps you can take to address alcohol-related issues:

  • It is preventing legal consequences by avoiding recidivism and complying with court orders.
  • Improving physical health
  • Improving mental health 
  • Quality of Life enhancements
  • Setting hitting long-term recovery goals
  • Getting a sobriety sponsor or accountability partner

Prosecutors and judges are more likely to show leniency when you embrace accountability and volunteer yourself for treatment. This approach has proven to be effective when seeking to avoid jail time. Exhibiting genuine remorse for your actions shows positive character traits in trying times, underscoring that your problem is addiction rather than disregarding the law.

The Legal Advantage When Fighting a Third DUI Charge

Facing an aggravated DUI offense in Arizona? Learn about the penalties and consequences of DUI in Arizona, plus how Hernandez & Hamilton, PC can help. Our experienced attorneys specialize in DUI defense, especially for those with prior felony convictions, and can help you avoid jail and a third offense. Set things as straight as possible by securing the presence of an experienced law firm.

Our lawyers from the Law Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, PC, are trained to provide legal guidance designed to keep you from losing your rights and freedom. You can feel more secure in trying times through our intimate knowledge of Arizona’s dynamic DUI tiers. Give yourself as much leverage as possible by letting our legal professionals handle your case.

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