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“I worked with Josh Hamilton on a very critical area related to my son who was arrested in Phoenix. He did an excellent job we got excellent results his communication is very good. Both strategy and application he did extremely well. He was even there for the follow up.

In my 30-plus years in business I’ve dealt with a lot of attorneys more than I wish I had to. I tell people you have to be very careful with attorneys. In my experience 95% are either not very good, not very engaged or overcharge. But there are 5% who are excellent and you need those Attorneys at the right time. Josh Hamilton although young is one of the 5%.

I’m very grateful that we found Josh when we needed him at a critical moment. He is someone you can trust.”


“As it was quickly realized from the onset of my arrest, I needed legal representation. I came to decide that Mr. Hamilton would be my legal representative as he came highly recommended from a close family friend. From the start and over the weeks that followed, Mr. Hamilton was able to identify with my concerns by outlining, step by step, how to best handle several various approaches to our case. He, and his staff, were exceedingly patient with what limited knowledge I possessed with regard to court proceedings. Additionally, I found, that even from the confines of a county jail, they were always within reach whenever questions arose. Mr. Hamilton also personally oversaw the involvement of my immediate family, consistently making sure that they were kept abreast as the proceedings unfolded. From my families’ report, he and his staff showed them the same professional courtesy and patience as were extended to me. Even during post-conviction.
Mr. Hamilton, through his direct involvement with me, was able to give what I believe to be an accurate character assessment of who I am. This was vital in his negotiations in my receiving a reduced prison sentence.
Overall, Mr. Hamilton has shown both proven methods and abilities. His knowledge is matched only by his desire to help his client move forward confidently. In short, he and his team come highly recommended.”


“Josh was a great attorney and really helped clear my name after being falsely accused of arson.”


“An attorney must be a master in their craft, a sharp listener, an articulate speaker, a masterful communicator and lastly, have a sincere and caring interest in all their clients. Joshua Hamilton exemplifies all these characteristics with a complimentary mix of courtroom showmanship.
My son interviewed 3 attorneys and after a long discussion, we were convinced that Joshua Hamilton was the ambassador we needed capable of handling his case.
Joshua Hamilton is a tried and true defender; once we retained his counsel, he took the time and dedication to challenge every detail of all charges and his team worked relentlessly to find the truth and unveil all the false accusations made against my son. His tenacity with the prosecution remained un-waivered even when presented with a plea bargain. Joshua explained all the pros and cons however his determination convinced my son not to accept the plea. After more litigation between both sides, again my son was presented with a lesser plea….and again my son rejected the offer. My son fully understood the consequences if the case were to go to trial. Joshua’s tenacity in working the case convinced my son that the evidence strongly supported his case to withstand the challenges of a court trial. Finally, in the end, the prosecution dropped all charges and the case was fully dismissed.
I believe defending a client involves more than just defending a person from a legal position. Throughout the whole process, Joshua stayed in close contact with my son, advised him and more importantly, gave my son some peace of mind from the very start. Although he was counsel for my son, Joshua called me and gave me a personal invitation to call his office with any questions during this whole process. I in fact did take him up on his offer several times, and true to his word, he was either available or returned my call within an hour.
After this experience, Joshua has gained my utmost respect. As a 28 year veteran, it’s not in my nature to easily throw a name out there as a recommendation. However, I can tell you that Mr. Hamilton has not only gained my respect, but has earned my trust and friendship in the process.
It is my honor to recommend Joshua Hamilton if you are in need of a criminal defense attorney. His expertise can handle complex cases. Remember, the prosecutors are not your friend, you need solid competent representation…..Joshua Hamilton is the counsel you need!”


“To say Josh Hamilton exemplifies stellar work on a successful and professional level is an understatement. Not only does he exercise these terms phenomenally well but he also established more than just a client/attorney relationship. Mr. Hamiltons approach to me was one of care and concern. His restless work and didication to my case led to a successful outcome, an outcome he did not guarantee but assured me that everything was going to be ok. I can honestly say that this guy is full of surprises, his strategic ways of prioritizing what he’s presented to work with is what led to his success in my case. I got a good lawyer, and I’d recommend him to anyone out there who finds themselves in a pickle one day. Thank you so much for your time to this case, Josh.”


“My family did the research while I was in jail and found me the best criminal attorney in town. Josh is not only brilliant but he really cares. He was quick to get important things started like requesting the radio traffic be preserved before the police could “loose” it. He promptly served tpd with a no contact letter to protect me form any contact with law enforcement which could harm my case. Start to finish I just could not have asked for more. Josh got 7 out of 8 charged dropped in my case and I didn’t have to do any jail time. Working with this law firm was a positive experience and worth every cent.”


“My family did the research while I was in jail and found me the best criminal attorney in town. Josh is not only brilliant but he really cares. He was quick to get important things started like requesting the radio traffic be preserved before the police could “loose” it. He promptly served tpd with a no contact letter to protect me form any contact with law enforcement which could harm my case. Start to finish I just could not have asked for more. Josh got 7 out of 8 charged dropped in my case and I didn’t have to do any jail time. Working with this law firm was a positive experience and worth every cent.”


“Joshua Hamilton is an attorney that will always operate in your best interest. He has represented me multiple times, and has always made me feel like he is doing everything he can to assist me in navigating the complexities of the legal system. Each time that Joshua has represented me, He has worked diligently to ensure that any issues that arise are resolved to my satisfaction. He has explained in detail every step of proceedings and made sure that I understand what’s going on. Joshua is a very approachable attorney, always willing to answer any questions that you may have and do research to make sure that he gives you accurate answers. His staff is very knowledgeable and courteous and probably returns any messages. In short, if you’re looking for a defense attorney Joshua Hamilton is one of the very best in the state and someone that I would recommend to anyone in need of an experienced lawyer who will fight for them.”


“Mr Hamilton was the most dedicated, committed, compassionate diligent, and competent attorney I could have ever retained. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my closest friends and family. He is a rare gem in a crowded profession. I cannot think of a better person to represent you.”


“Joshua Hamilton gets to work on your case immediately, he is very knowledgeable. His dedication to our case was very successful. No jail time. Would recommend Mr. Hamilton to anyone. He is the best. Thank you so much Joshua Hamilton.. Blessings to you.”


“Josh Hamilton has been a great service and my time of need he made sure he explained every part of the process so I could understand where I was at, at all times and made me feel like he was fighting hard for me and My case I honestly couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of my case once again thank you very much for your help I really appreciate it!”


“Mr Hernandez is an extremely knowledgeable lawyer who has helped me a great amount ! In 2016 I was indicted with 8 pretty big drug charges I spent 20 days in Florence fighting bail . He was able to get me bail, thanks to that my life changed for the better I am still on pretrial i got sentenced early June 2018 for one charge only , I got the very minimal time after I was looking at years and years of prison . I have to self surrender late July to a facility close to home where my family will be able to visit weekly . Thanks to Mr Hernandez I’ll be able to move on from this with my head High and continue looking forward to a bright future !”


“Brilliant Young Lawyer.”


“I can’t rave enough about Clay, Josh and their entire team. Outstanding people and, without question, Tucson’s best criminal defense attorneys.”


“Amazing attorney, highly recommend him if you need a top notch defense.”


“Best law office in town! The entire team is very Dedicated and hard working!”


“Hands down one of the best lawyers around. I highly recommend Josh Hamilton”


“Great lawyers. Best in town. Look no further.”


“This legal team is at the top of their game when it comes to representation and dedication. Truly a 5 Star law firm from beginning to end.”


“Excellent firm with outstanding attorneys and staff. They work extremely hard and get amazing results for their clients.”


“Best lawyer in town. Josh and everyone else working with him at his law office go beyond to help you every step of the way. I would highly recommend for your criminal defense attorney.”


“I hired Hernandez & Hamilton to take care of a friend who had a bit of a tough situation. They took care of him easily and kept the cops honest. Very happy.”


“I can’t thank Josh Hamilton enough and his team for what they did for our family to give us peace knowing that we got the best law firm the best lawyer and the out come was amazing thank you for all your knowledge your hard work your dedication once again thank you Josh and your team”


“Josh is one of the best lawyers out there. He has helped me in multiple situations and has gotten me off every time. He’s professional about everything and I highly recommend him.”


“I needed the best attorney in town and Josh did not let me down. If you want an aggressive pro-active team representing you, this is the outfit to go with. Best in class.”

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“Clay Hernandez and Josh Hamilton are some of the most competent Lawyers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They are dedicated, hard working and honest! They are some of the top Lawyers in the legal community and you couldn’t have a better legal team on your side!”


“If you need a criminal defense lawyer then Josh Hamilton is definitely your guy!! Not only is he beyond brilliant.. and amazing at what he does! But he is a very caring and compassionate person. I highly recommend him!! He worked very hard on my case and got it dropped!!”


“Joshua Hamilton was an excellent attorney to me. He listened intently, asked thoughtful questions and explained the issues clearly. His advice and the way my case was handled was exemplary. Mr Hamilton kept me well informed and I felt very well taken care of at a very stressful time. I would highly recommend Joshua Hamilton to anyone seeeking legal counsel and representation.”


“Thank you, Josh. I have worked with Hernandez and Hamilton on multiple occasions. In every instance, they have been professional and exceptionally diligent. This firm is definitely worthy of five stars. Both Josh and Clay are exceptionally talented attorneys, whose integrity matches there talents. Do not hesitate to contact, it is definitely worth your time.”


“I have been doing investigative work alongside Mr. Hamilton for several years. We have prevailed in a number of cases together, and I have personally admired Hamilton’s dedication to his clients, and the creative ideas he has when defending clients. I also hired Mr. Hamilton to represent a friend, and he was my first choice. Mr. Hamilton is aggressive and effective.”


“Clay Hernandez is a Knight in shinning Armour! He came to the rescue of me and my family when we needed it the most. I could of not found a better fit for my case. Him and his staff we so attentive to mine and my family needs it was like they treated us like we were family! I greatly appreciate the work him and his staff did for us!.I can honestly say if you are ever in a bind and has to fight you need Clay Hernandez in you corner!!!”


“I was charged with some very serious crimes which would have sent me to prison, cost me my career, and my reputation.I went to josh after a recommendation and meeting with several other lawyers in town. 100% I made the right choice going with josh. He believed in the case, was always attentive and available, and most importantly was extremely aggressive in my defense. I had my bogus charges dismissed after josh led a very aggressive investigation to clear my name and the accusations and am thankful and relieved. There are only a handful of lawyers in Tucson to consider let alone hire if you are charged with a crime. Josh is one of them.”


“Mr Hamilton takes pride in his work and it is this passion that makes him such a great lawyer. He is diligent and hardworking. He will do anything in his power to make sure there is a good resolution on your case. Highly recommended!!!”


“I hired Joshua Hamilton to take over my son’s case that was not going well. Joshua Hamilton has been an aggressive, caring and direct attorney. He did what my son’s previous attorney could not do before I fired him. He got my son’s case dismissed. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Joshua Hamilton.”


“I needed help with my DUI and Mr. Hamilton was there to protect my rights.”


“Hired Josh to take care of a matter. He got the case dismissed quickly and efficiently. Knows what he is doing and is good.”


“Josh has helped me with multiple incidences over the past few years. He knew how to handle every situation that had come up during those cases. He told me not to worry from the beginning because he was confident that he could get the charges dismissed, and he did every time. Josh made the process very easy and was open to any questions along the way so I knew exactly what was going on. He is very knowledgeable about the law while being professional and kind.”


“It only took one, brief consultation with Mr. Hamilton to hire him for my case against the state. He is a knowledgeable, forward-thinking attorney who provided excellent representation, resulting in me winning my case.”


“Clay defended me for three DUI arrests many years ago. He made no unrealistic promises, and he navigated through my cases with marvelous precision. His patience, sensibility and reasoning resulted in an outcome far less severe than what any highly advertised lawyer could have provided. If you’re facing criminal charges, call this guy first.”


“Clay is one of the best attorney’s in Tucson. He handled my case in a quick and professional manner, and was able to resolve the issues with very little cost to me. I would recommend Clay to anyone who may need a Criminal Lawyer, period… with out question.”


“Unfortunatly I have had to use Clay 2 times. With that said I learned how knowledgable he was the1st time around and hired him a 2nd time. He really worked for us and always kept us infomed through out the whole court process. Ive since been very pleased with the out come of both of my boyfriends cases. Clay is a blessing to our family. Thank you Clay for all youve done..”