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Drug Conspiracy Lawyer in Tucson

Drug conspiracy charges are an extremely powerful tool used by the police and prosecutors in state and federal drug prosecutions. A conspiracy is a criminal agreement between two or more persons to commit an illegal goal with some action taken towards achieving that goal. A member of the conspiracy does not need to personally commit an illegal act to be culpable, but a member must know of the plan and intended to violate the law. One person can be charged with and convicted of both conspiracy and the underlying crime based on the same evidence. For example, a person may be convicted of conspiracy to possess cocaine with the intent to distribute as well as possession of cocaine with intent to distribute it.

Under the law of conspiracy, people are often charged as a member of the conspiracy even if they did not touch drugs themselves or go anywhere near where drugs were located. Because conspiracy to commit a drug offense generally carries the same penalty as the actual drug offense itself, it gives police and prosecutors a tool they can use to scare and intimidate you and your loved ones into providing useful information.

The Law Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, PC, has successfully defended clients in drug conspiracy cases throughout Arizona and the United States. Contact our drug crime lawyer today if you or a loved one are facing a drug conspiracy investigation or have been charged in a drug conspiracy case. Our firm has significant experience in handling drug cases, reviewing evidence, conducting our own independent investigation of police informants or snitches, and will pursue every opportunity available to us under the law to defend against the government.