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State Drug Charges Lawyer in Tucson

Arizona law provides stiff penalties for drug crimes, such as growing or cultivating marijuana, possessing narcotics for sale, possessing dangerous drugs for sale, etc. Our law firm represents individuals throughout Arizona in state court drug cases involving methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and other types of controlled substances. We have substantial experience in litigating motions to suppress evidence, illegal search and seizure, traffic stops, drug detection dogs, and other aspects of criminal defense in drug cases. In every one of these cases, our experience and aggressive defense of our clients can work to protect your rights and result in the best possible outcome for you or your loved ones.

The Law Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, PC, specializes in drug cases and is widely considered one of the most elite law firms in the State of Arizona in that area of practice. Our attorneys have extensive experience in defending individuals facing drug charges throughout Arizona and have a track record of winning results going back more than three decades. We have a combined 90+ years of experience in litigating drug charges and have earned a reputation of achieving unparalleled results for our clients in such cases.

Any drug charge is serious and deserves top-tier representation by an experienced attorney. Contact our office to speak with us today. The initial consultation is free and we can meet with you or your loved one right away, even if they are still in custody.